How To Capture The Attention Of Your Audience With Digital Signage

Great advertising relies on two crucial factors – visibility and engagement.

Making a message visible is no longer a guarantee that the message is received, understood and accepted. The content has to be user-centred and user-friendly to increase engagement from potential customers.

To truly stand out in a competitive and distracted world, organizations have turned to digital signage with captivating visuals and graphics to make their message stand out from the crowd.

Digital signage refers to a centrally controlled distribution platform that is used to broadcast a wide variety of messages. A digital screen displays content – text, images or videos -- that is targeted at a specific audience. Used correctly, digital signs and the software for managing them bring advertising and marketing content to life.

So what benefits can digital signage offer your organization?

Increase Your Business ROI With Digital Signs

If you add up the print runs required for your marketing and advertising campaigns for the next three to four years and compare the costs of setting up digital signs, you will be pleasantly surprised. Although the initial set up costs of digital signs are higher than print advertisement, digital outperforms paper and is much more cost effective in the long run.

Engagement is crucial but more importantly, signage should lead to revenue, i.e., sales. Digital signs boost the bottom line for your business by converting audience engagement into quick sales, as in the case of touchscreen displays.

Convenient And Flexible Content Management System

If a specific advertising campaign is not delivering results, digital signs offer the flexibility to pull the plug or make appropriate changes instantly. And the changes are updated across all display channels in real time.

Digital signs focus the spotlight on specific products, services, advertising, sales and discounts - a great way to engage and attract both new and repeat customers to your store or website.

Movement Is Important To Engage Audiences

Instead of displaying static images, broadcast an interesting mix of video, live feeds, images, and audio to capture the attention of your target audience. Dynamic content that shows movement through videos leads to higher customer engagement and in turn results in successful advertisement campaigns.

New Forms Of Advertising

We live in the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With the help of new technologies, advertising companies are now able to create innovative ideas to educate consumers and advertise products. Coca Cola recently launched an advertisement introducing a digital drink which consumers were able to taste. The buzz surrounding such a campaign cannot be matched through traditional forms of advertising.

Whether you want to display relevant information, entertaining content, or compelling multimedia, digital signs offer you the flexibility to deliver eye-catching videos and images. Your displays will be more noticeable and engaging than static signs.

Most companies invest in digital signage systems but struggle to unlock the full potential of digital signs. Done right, customers will recall seeing your digital signage days or months after passing by one of your screens.

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